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Earth School

600 East 6 Street Manhattan, NY 10009

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Population 336 students
School Type Elementary
Grades K-5th
2013 Progress
Avg. Attendance Rate 94%
Special Programs Weekly instruction from Third Street Music School, Spanish language and culture in all grades, Wireless Technology lab for 3rd-6th grade, field trips to museums, parks, natural wildlife preserves within the city, overnight and week long trips to environmental centers in the Catskills and Hudson Valley to broaden experiential learning horizons.

Latest Stories for Earth School

  • Performance5 Average
  • Satisfaction 8 Above Average
  • Diversity 7 Above Average
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Performance Statistics
3rd Grade English 297 / 425
3rd Grade Math 295 / 425
4th Grade English 311 / 425
Above Average
4th Grade Math 307 / 425
5th Grade English 305 / 425
5th Grade Math 295 / 425