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P.S. 63 William McKinley

121 East 3 Street Manhattan, NY 10009

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Population 176 students
School Type Elementary
Grades PreK-5th
2013 Progress
Avg. Attendance Rate 92%
Special Programs Our Literacy Program incorporates the components of the Balanced Literacy instructional approach and we use a standards-based mathematics program.  Both programs utilize the Workshop Method of instruction.  We have a hands-on Science Lab, a gymnasium for our Physical Education Program, and our Technology Program ensures that computers are integrated into every curriculum area. In addition, all classrooms have Internet access.

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  • Performance4 Average
  • Satisfaction 5 Average
  • Diversity 6 Average
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Performance Statistics
3rd Grade English 288 / 425
3rd Grade Math 283 / 425
Below Average
4th Grade English 291 / 425
4th Grade Math 276 / 425
Below Average
5th Grade English 288 / 425
5th Grade Math 299 / 425