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The Brooklyn Latin School

325 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206

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Population 468 students
School Type High
Grades 9th-12th
2013 Progress
Avg. Attendance Rate 96%
Language Classes
  • Latin
  • Spanish
Program Highlights
  • The Brooklyn Latin School (TBLS) offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. In addition to challenging class work
  • IB stresses independent thinking and community engagement. All students are expected to complete an extended independent essay
  • on a subject of their choosing
  • the completion of which correlates closely to college-level research writing. In addition
  • students are required to engage in a total of 150 hours of Creativity
  • Action and Service (CAS)
  • which may include volunteering or engaging meaningfully with the community outside of TBLS.
Non-Profit Opportunities
  • Replications
  • Inc.
Other Partnerships
  • Boston Latin School
  • Basketball
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  • Performance9 Above Average
  • Satisfaction 8 Above Average
  • Diversity 8 Above Average
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Performance Statistics
SAT Scores 1750 / 2400
Above Average
Regents English
Above Average
Regents Mathematics
Above Average
Regents Science
Above Average
Regents History
Above Average
Regents Rate
Above Average
10-Credit Rate
Above Average
Weighted Diploma Rate 211.0 / 350
Regents Completion 99.1 / 100
Above Average
College Enrollment Rate 87.1 / 100
Above Average